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Tips for Writing Legal Papers

This past September, a federal judge in Florida denied a lawyer’s motion (without prejudice, so he can re-file the motion) saying so it had been “riddled with unprofessional grammatical and typographical errors that nearly render the entire motion incomprehensible.”

The judge highlighted listed here problems, among other individuals:

• Wrong utilization of apostrophes.

• Typographical errors (making use of the word “this” rather than “therefore” therefore the term “full” rather than “for”).

• Incorrect placement of durations and commas outside of quotation scars.

• Incorrect term use (making use of the term the plaintiff “had attended on processing” this activity, as an alternative of saying the plaintiff had “intended” to submit an action).

• One extremely extended phrase.

Don’t let this occur to you!

If you write appropriate documents, it’s absolutely important to use correct spelling and grammar. In a popular situation in The united kingdomt, a traffic admission was thrown off given that it was issued for unlawful “stoping” rather than “stopping”; the alleged perpetrator had carried out no mining tasks (“stoping” is a mining term) and so was discovered perhaps not bad. That police officer got a good lesson in spelling and focus on detail.

Past or provide?

An 3extremely common error we see amongst law students is utilizing your message “lead” to mean the past tense of “lead.” This error could get you in trouble, since the past tense of “lead” is “led” (with no a). You could be writing in the incorrect tight!

Example or Complete Checklist?

Another location it is simple to express the incorrect definition is with “i.e.” and “e.g.” When you use “i.e.” it means “that is” or “or in other words.” The appropriate means to follow “i.e.” is with a definition or full record. For example: The defendant had been charged with unlawful stoping, i.e., mining activity. “E.g.” means “for instance.” The appropriate option to follow “e.g.” is with a partial range of options. For instance: The motion had been denied for bad grammar, e.g., typographical errors and incorrect word use. If “i.e.” had been utilized here, we might want to provide a total a number of the samples of terrible sentence structure.

Law or Liberty?

Have you figured out the real distinction between a statute and a statue? Statutes are laws. Statues are sculptures. We have statutes of restrictions and a Statue of Liberty. Perform not get these confused. You may wish to recall the extra “t” for “time” when it’s a statute of limitations, or even for “text” when it is any penned law. And you also might think of after those statutes to a “T” (or 3)!

Right Punctuation: Periods and Commas Inside Quotation Marks

To touch on a single regarding the Florida judge’s beefs, durations and commas, into the United States Of America, always get inside quotation scars, also when they may not be component of this quotation, e.g., The defendant ended up being arrested for “illegal stoping.” Even though there are unusual exclusions to this rule, they’ll most likely not appear in legal writing (they are very likely to show up in specialized writing). For a comprehensive conversation of the problem, see my blog publishing.

Right Punctuation: Apostrophes

Many people incorrectly use apostrophes to help make plural words. Don’t do it! Performed you see that the plural of apostrophe is certainly not “apostrophe’s”? It is “apostrophes”! The plural terms lawyers, judges, regulations, statutes, DUIs while the 1990s do NOT take apostrophes.

Use an apostrophe “s” in order in order to make a single possessive. The lawyer’s brief ended up being riddled with mistakes. The judge’s ruling had been last.

Utilize an “s” apostrophe which will make a plural possessive. The five attorneys’ arguments diverged widely. All of the county judges’ courtrooms have the newest in audio-visual equipment.

Put your apostrophes when you look at the correct destination – and get away from irritating the judge.

So A Lot Of Chances to Err!

There are several techniques to make writing errors in appropriate papers, and I have actually only covered a couple of. My many vital advice is to proofread and proofread again! Get an extra pair of vision to look at the work. For those who have actually grammar concerns you desire answered, I will answer all of them towards the best of my ability when you look at the responses area of the blog site. we look ahead to hearing from you…


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