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Keep a Time Log to Discover How to Use Your Time More Efficiently?

Maintaining a time log can be beneficial. Should you believe there aren’t sufficient hours within the day or there isn’t sufficient time to get your work completed? Try to maintain a time log. You might be astonished to discover the way you invest your time. You may discover which you surf the web or chat with co-workers more than you believed. To hold time, when you start a new activity or task, compose along the activity plus the time you began to start it. You need to write every task down. Write down whenever, you get to the washroom, chat with a co-worker, surf the internet, check your e-mails, or start a work-related task.

Because, associated with end of the time, you’ll have a set of tasks with beginning occasions. The interval of time you spend on each activity can be calculated by using the real distinction among the starting time of the task and the starting time of the following task. Once you have got the interval of time calculated for each task, develop two totals: One for non-work tasks and one for work activities. Then calculate the portion of that time you invested on work and non-work activities. To calculate the portion of time log invested on non-work activities, divide the non-work total because, total time you spent into the day (that can be found by including the non-work total and the work total).

Next, determine the percentage of the time you spent on work tasks by dividing the work complete by the total time spent within the day. Both of these percentages will provide your insight as to how you invest some time during the day? It could be an attention opener. You may possibly get a hold of the percentage of the time invested on non-work tasks may be more than you thought. Understanding these two percentages, you can easily total a way to make use of your time more efficiently and spend more time on work-related activities.



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