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“Sample Executive Summary for a Product Company Business Plan”

The most essential component of a company Plan is the Executive Overview. The Executive Overview is usually two pages and is a review with pertinent information contained in the Business program itself. Generally Venture Capital Executives, Angle Investors, or Investment Bankers will review these two pages and either put you into ‘sounds interesting pile’ or ‘trash can pile.’ Your Executive Overview must be total, honest, and it also must be persuasive.

Sample Executive Summary is easily available on internet.

A lot of times Business owners will compose a rough draft Executive Summary and next compose their Business plans. Next go back and re-write the Executive Summary after re-considering all of the vital points. You need to be ready to provide your Executive Summary too simply about any skilled individual and after they read it, they should not have one or much more or two concerns. Here is a trial Executive Overview We have ready with this conversation on an non-existent item, that is under consideration by at the very least one business owner which will make this widget a fact and accessible to the general public.

2005 Business Arrange when it comes to JoggingLight:

The JoggingLight is a name with moms and dads organization, “The man Group, LLC. Of Alpine Meadows, CA. The JoggingLight is a new development in miniaturization of Light-emitting Diode illumination utilizing electromagnetic induction for increased exposure while walking or running. These lights will need no battery pack source, but quite work of the vibration power, which originates from human being action while walking.

“Sample Executive Summary for a Product Company Business Plan”

“Sample Executive Summary for a Product Company Business Plan”

The JoggingLight will supply light and security to customers who want bit of brain while exercising during the evening. We additionally intend sell these units to industry, community watch teams, military and safety experts because well. By increasing the light while involved with such tasks we will lower damage, criminal activity and allow folks to work out after dark to keep at their perfect body weight, thus enhancing their health. We plan to offer these things to consumers through online sales, Television Infomercials, specialized high-tech stores, as our main strategy for customer sales. Industrial, armed forces and security sales is going to be done through direct sales meetings with purchasing representatives, procurement officers since well as bidding on official solicitations.

We are going to begin by making the very first units in-house and may even also later on broaden such functions or outsource the manufacturing in the united shows or US Territories as necessary. All of our mission will be offer these devices to any person wishing to acquire them anyplace in the globe and making the JoggingLight easy to purchase on the web and in selective list outlets. We also intend to explore various other possible markets when and where we come across need, which we can satisfy, while generating a considerable revenue. We will try to present quality lighting when it comes to peoples endeavor, which uses no outside power resource such as batteries and continuously explore additional market sectors to offer our JoggingLight Concept in, while continuously innovating.

The Human Group is a closely held corporation with Mr. Bob Smith as President. Aside from little flashlights, miner’s caps and hand presented lights, which typically make use of electric batteries there is presently little competitors in this industry. Running and walking lights, that have harnesses are difficult, aggravating and also heavy, with poor electric battery life. There is certainly one flashlight business with a “Shaking Light” nonetheless it too is difficult and too heavy to utilize while jogging and there’s no way to attach it. We perform, however, anticipate content companies to start up. This really is not also alarming, because they will go through an equivalent learning bend and now we do not intend on letting up on all of our new market exploits or innovations including area and NASA.

When selling to stores we’re going to need prompt payments, upfront initial instructions and intend to constantly ramp up efforts online and through infomercials to preserve adequate money flows in case of prolonged receivables as we increase.

Our target price to consumers should be $29.95 plus shipping and handling on all of our E-commerce website and Infomercial sales campaign. At this cost we could increase without extreme money needs following the preliminary capitalization. Stage II is to go into the selective list sales market with companies such as Sharper Image with retail and catalog sales.

To fund this operation, we are going to require $ 300,000 of capital, which will come from people, individual buddies and family members. This will enable Kevin Humphrey to continue to be in total control over The JoggingLight Brand throughout its development. It is crucial for start-up individual high-tech items companies to stay in control until they achieve critical mass and they are big enough to afford sufficient payroll to entice seasoned executives and create a corporate structure. This money would be utilized for,

  • Patent and Legal Work
  • Legal Company and Organizational Fees
  • Building of Prototypes
  • One year of salary to main Staff
  • E-commerce Website
  • Compelling Infomercial TV Video
  • Brand Art Work
  • Packing Material
  • Parts and Products Stock to Build Units
  • Company Operational Costs for 6-months (travel, telephone, etc.)

Kevin Humphrey will draw a wage of $5,000 every month for the one-year and dedicate 10-hours per day to operating of the organization 5-days per week and will hold away the needed actions and sales calls in this business plan to help make this possible. Prototypes would be build, consumer tested and/or sold and this money will become part of money movement. Each rendition will likely to be digitally photographed for background from the company website. This company will stay a Garage Start-up” until adequate orders warrant extra room to satisfy need. We will absolutely max off or home company ability occasions two before going into a more costly location. (Please see attached start-up prices malfunction).

With increased more men and women throughout the globe concerned about how much they weigh and health the JoggingLight solves a necessity and an untapped customer niche. There are certainly additional programs in the safety sector and army sector since well as area. We see the total demand for JoggingLight and subsequent programs at 100 million devices with plenty of extra at this time unknown and unseen “killer aps” out there waiting for a well situated company to take benefit of so we mean to be that organization.



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