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Aesthetics Vs Functionality

Majority of people want the best quality furniture regardless of having their limited budget. They endeavor to create their garden with attractive outdoor furniture in order to make a talking point at gatherings. From commercial point of view, many people think that aesthetics in industrial product designing has become far more important than function. This development in product designing is owing to materials and postmodernism etc. The best example of this is a cell phone.

Aesthetics and Functionality in Designing:

Two things are most important in the designing field. One is aesthetics and the other is functionality, however, both are very different from each other. Function works for the development of designing, whereas aesthetic is accountable for the human reactions for the designing whether they accept or reject. Both of these traits create challenge for all designers in all industries. For example, the light-fitting that are designed, manufactured, and sold go through the design process.

An example:

Take an example of a glowing light fitting, used for the commercial purpose such as in offices and in warehouses. This type of light cannot be fixed in the home places. However, pendant light is a type of light that can be used in houses as well as in commercial places. Tone diversity in light fixing creates a lighting familiarity both indoor and outdoor of houses.


Diverse elements, such as keywords, can be used to communicate aesthetics and functionality. For example, aesthetic value, aesthetic functionalism, aesthetic judgment, aesthetic dualism, etc.

Art Purpose:

The solid purpose of designing ‘just art’ artworks, such as paintings, poems, plays and parties, is to prove aesthetic experiment.

Aesthetics Vs Functionality:

Objects in architecture and industrial design create solid meaning and purpose. They are for the satisfaction of aesthetic criteria as well as for the satisfaction of mainly, expediency and practical function. This combination of aesthetics and functionality creates the important issues that are related to each other. It is very essential to state that functions, in real condition, are independent for aesthetics or not.

In early twentieth century, functionalism movement for architecture and designer was a great issue. There were no functionalist movements and no social inclinations and the term of functionality was quite unclear. Modern and trendy architects and designers had a great deal of tough time to struggle against the powerful opposition and competitors. However, soon they became able to stress their competitors and enemies through aesthetics, functionality, and traditional architecture. Hence, architecture of a house is mostly based on geometrical rules and principles. Thus, differentiating between functionalism as a historical movement and aesthetics characteristics of an object is extremely important.

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