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Common Sense and Aesthetics

A person can take idea about aesthetics through basic points that aesthetic is all about artwork that may be good or bad or at least better than others. However conversely, today it has changed the thinking and style of work of philosophers. Aesthetics have benefited scientists, feminists, designers, and other related fields such as history, literature, and debating.

It is quite obvious that common sense of people about art and aesthetics is not yet cleared as many important and confusing issues in the philosophy of art and aesthetics are still there to be addressed. However, people’s belief about the aesthetics value can be justified.

In the following lines, the idea and common concept of aesthetic, the important connection of aesthetic justification and connection that exists between concept of learning and understanding are explained. These learning ideas provide better understanding of aesthetic beliefs.

There are a lot of branches of aesthetics. Each of which has its own principles, rules, and traditions. There are some aesthetic branches that teach about garden designing, while others teach about how to make things appear perfect to be successful. In countries like America and China, aesthetical study has done a lot of practical work in form of art. Many philosophers and intelligent people enhance practical field with the help of aesthetics.

There are two elements of internal form of aesthetics. One element is concerned to the quality of work that has been done in aesthetics, whereas the other is concerned to the professional visions. An image is usually composed optimistically for the quality work. There are some authors that have done a contemporary aesthetics work, which has some specialties such as Goodman and Danto Stanley Cavell. These influential characters of authors have major impacts on the field, especially in the field of aesthetics. The best three impacts are as follows:

  1. The first impact is given by the philosopher of art roughly, at the end of 1970s. He had a wide range of topics on painting, photography, music, film, dance, and literature. Today, modern philosophers of science who have an abundance of knowledge and information about science and aesthetics are now greatly interested in modern art. As compared to the past, now aesthetics are implicated in practice of art criticism and are having the benefit of close fields like literature, history, film-making study, etc.
  2. The second impact is about feminist, which is also very important. The influence of feminist works in aesthetics can be seen evidently all over the world. The discovery that offered aesthetics standard is everlasting and worldwide.
  3. Third and the last impact is that aesthetics have worked in “ethical turn”. It has not only benefited in restoring long-lasting debates about the moral function of description but also formed a social impact of the art. Today, many people agree with the attractive and useful field of aesthetics.

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